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Gevalia Offer: 3 Coffees & Travel Mug $3.00!

As you can see, I received my Gevalia order! I just couldn't turn down the opportunity to try this coffee  and I am SO glad that I finally took advantage of this offer. This is really good coffee!

So here is the FANTASTIC deal they offer: You get to pick 3 bags of coffee (or tea) for only $3.00 plus they will send you a FREE Travel MUG and the shipping is FREE!! You will only pay $3.00 that’s it, nothing else.  I’ve done this deal and I was only billed for $3.00.

You will be enrolled in their monthly delivery program but if you don’t want to continue all you need to do is call them at 800-438-2542 to cancel. They are really good about it; no harassment or anything, they just want you to try their coffee!
Order yours today!


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