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Free Magazine Subscription: 10 Digital Issues of Garden Design

Sign up right away for this 10-issue subscription to Garden Design Magazine. The issues will be digital, but the content’s the same. This is a totally legit offer with no credit card required. A 7-issue print subscription is $15 on Amazon, so obviously, this is a wonderful offer. (Thanks, Pocket Your Dollars!)

I did this freebie last night and it is terrific! So nice to go green by browsing a digital magazine, which reads exactly the same as the print on paper version, BUT this way we save a tree AND we don't have to bother with recycling of it later! AND once you sign-up for the Garden Designs freebie you will have access to about 25 other reads for FREE! It was SO wonderful to see lovely garden pictures and ideas, really has my desire for Spring time stirring now!!


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