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$84 In P&G eSaver Coupons!

Have you heard of P&GeSaver?  It isn’t any longer available in my area, but I know it is a terrific program, as Kroger used to be a participant as well. It is another program offering electronic coupons that you can save to your store card and they automatically deduct at checkout!  No coupon clipping!
P&GeSAVER™ is a member benefit of P&G Everyday Solutions. This online program allows you to download P&G coupons right onto your shopper card. When your card is scanned at the store, the downloaded coupons are automatically redeemed for the products you purchased. With P&GeSAVER™ clipping coupons is a thing of the past!
Participating stores:
Safeway, Carrs, Dominicks, Genuardis, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb and Vons.
Current coupons available:
$3 off any (2) Secret Antiperspirants/Deodorants
$3 off Bounty Paper Towels (12 roll or larger)
$3 off Charmin (Mega Roll, 24 roll or larger)
$1 off any One Febreze Candle
$1 off any One Premium Crest Toothpaste
$1 off Pampers Easy Ups
$2 off Pampers Extra Protection
$3 off Iams Cat or Dog food (7lb or larger)
$3 off any (2) Old Spice Bar and Body Wash
$2 off a Venus Razor
$7 off Crest Whitestrips
$5 off Clearblue Pregnancy Test
$5 off Clearblue Ovulation Test
Go HERE to load your card.
(Thanks for compiling this info, Give Me Neither!)


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