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What a day of shopping!!!!!! $261.86~~$35.08 net cost

Wowza!!!!! I haven't been around much today, as I do had to get my weekly shopping done.  I shopped CVS, Walgreens, Kroger and Aldi.  I did not do the pictures as I sometimes do, as just gathering, purchasing and lugging all this stuff inside and putting it away pretty much kicked my butt!! Now for the report - Drum roll please:

Total Value: $261.86
Cash Spent Today: $60.08
Received: $5 OYNO
Rebates: $20.00
Net cost: $35.08
That is 86.5%!!!!!!!!

Ok~I am finished tooting my own horn, but I just HAD to share that.  It is an awesome week for deals if you do your homework!!


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