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Walgreens trip today.  What I got:
4-12 packs Coke
4-3 Musketeer Truffle bars
4 Multipack Orbit Gum
2 packages Huggies
2 Dozen Eggs
2 Joy
2 Garnier Shampoo
2 Garnier Conditioner
1 Garnier Styling Gel
3 Garnier Brillantine Shine
1 Oreo Golden Dbl Stuff
1 Post Grape-Nuts
1 Super Poligrip
1 8X10 Collage Print
1 Aqua Velva Musk After Shave
1 HUGE bottle of Honey

Cash I paid: $38.32
Total Savings: 90.50
Total Value: $128.82

And that, why we do this.  'Nuff said. ;)

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