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This Sunday 2-5 most bigger city newspapers will have 3 inserts.  Remember these also have more coupons with higher value discounts  - something to keep in mind when purchasing them for coupons.  Those who are new to couponing will need to accumulate about 12 weeks worth of insert coupons in order to have what is needed to do most any 'deal' that is posted.  Most serious couponers will obtain multiple copies of inserts each week too - after all, when we come across those awesome deals we certainly want to be able to get more than one!!  This weeks inserts:

Smartsource coupon insert & General Mills coupon insert

Go here to preview the entire list of coupons to expect in each insert.  You can also go here to sign up to receive the coupon preview by email each week.

Credit to Sunday Coupon Preview


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