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The swagcode in special offers has reset! The code resets each Thursday so even if you have gotten it previously, you can do it again!  If you aren't yet a registered member go here to sign up today. You will earn your first 3 swagbucks just for signing up!   After you are registered follow these simple steps to get your code for a swagbuck.
Go to the Swagbucks homepage
Look along the top for Ways To Earn
Click that and select Special Offers
On the Special Offers page, click on the blue box on the right that is titled No Obligation Offers
On the pages that pop up, click skip.  DO NOT do the offers.
After you skip about 7 offers you will find a swagcode to paste into the box on the homepage.  It will give you another swagbuck.  So there you have it - your first 4 swagbucks just like that!  Today is a great day to join also, as it is Friday - Mega Swagbucks Day where it is possible to earn from 5-500 bucks on any given search!!! What are you waiting for??  Come 'swag' with me.


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