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Just wanted to start off by posting pictures of yesterdays shopping trips.  This one is my Kroger trip - taking advantage of their Mega Event!  AND - the Daytona Event is next on the agenda!!!  It begins here on Wednesday and will last 2 weeks if it goes as usual.  I will be posting match-ups for it soon.  Pictured above is $147.11 in merchandise - Cash paid = $38.76!!!
This was my Walgreens 'haul' as I refer to them.  Pictured above is $69 in merchandise - Cash paid was $25 but I also received a $3 Register Reward and have a mail in rebate for the full purchase price of the Schick razor so net cost = $13!!!
Last but not least, my CVS trip.  Pictured above is $26 in merchandise - Cash paid was $2.77!!!  I did use $10.98 in ECB but received $8 ECB back so $2.98 in ECB also.  It was a great shopping day!!!  This is easier than you think - if you haven't already, start collecting each and every coupon you can get your hands on and always keep them ALL until expired, even if you think you will never use them - cause if it is a deal that pays you to take an item, odds are you will want to do it if even just to use the 'overage' on other items!!!

Please share your pictures and deal information to be posted here - no matter the size or the savings.  It is an awesome thing to learn to name the price you will pay instead of paying full retail.  NO WAY!!!

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