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It is MEGA SwagBucks Day~Friday~!!!

MEGA SwagBucks today folks!!  And, it is the last mega day before the 2 year anniversary on the 25th!! If you have not joined in the swag hunt yet - now is the time! Only those signed up prior to Thursday, the 25th, will reap the huge rewards promised on that day in the way of swag codes, which earn the swagbucks!

 MEGA swagbucks today means that members normally see higher denominations in their wins on Fridays and that is a good thing!  It only takes 45 swagbucks to earn a $5 Amazon gift card and it costs nothing to participate ~ so FREE gift cards!! I am 20 days in now and have earned FIVE gift cards ~ that is $25.00 toward anything my heart desires from and they have everything! I am saving mine to put toward Christmas~YAY! What I am trying to say is there is no better day than today to get your 'swag' on! 


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